About Me

This site is dedicated to the journey of writing a book, not just any book, my story, well at least what I have learned from my story.  I want people to be inspired to continue or begin their journey of healing.  Whether you need to heal a little or a lot.

I love public speaking – workshops, seminars, conferences, whatever.  I love teaching, inspiring, and sharing.  If you would like to consider booking me for your next event, visit my speaking website – www.AngelaBelford.com.

I love helping people start businesses and build their brands, although with this project that is much more selective, but you can contact me through my agency website – www.TheBelfordGroup.com.

I also love helping people be more healthy, especially physically.  So I’m a consultant for Plexus.  You can learn more about it at my website – angelabelford.myplexusopportunity.com

If none of that works, you can send me an email – angela at angelabelford dot com. (it’s like that not to make your life hard, but to prevent a bunch of spam.)